Today is the day!

Finally.. After two years of work, this website finally becomes public. It has been a long journey! A long journey made of really hard work, sufferance and sacrifices.

Everything started back in November 2015, when little symptoms appeared at the beginning of a splint therapy. They worsened day after day, until they became a real nightmare in the summer of 2016: I stayed three months lied down on a bed, unable to do anything, neither to do the most basic things such as thinking, talking or standing upright.

Doctors were unable to provide a clear answer for what I was experiencing. More than once they told me that everything was a psychological problem. But how can this be true? I was a super enthusiast and fit guy, doing well in his studies and work, until the splint therapy changed my life. You can read my story in one of the page of the website.

I was feeling hopeless, desperate and alone. If there was a moment that I wanted my life to end, that was the moment. However, life always finds its way. If the doctors were unable to help me, I had to help myself! So I started to study every possible source of information and talk to as many people as possible, until I found the answers I was looking for.

I went through so much pain that it is impossible to describe. It was one of those things that you can really understand only if you have a direct experience. Neither people close to me were able to truly understand the situation and, to be honest, before this happened I did not know something like this could exist. My symptoms? Any you can think of, read some of them in the list of TMD symptoms. I was destroyed! I would resume them as a mix between symptoms experienced with Fibromyalgia and the ones at the beginning of Multiple Sclerosis. However, I knew I had none of these conditions.

This is when I started to put doubts on every possible syndrome arisen in the modern world, realizing  the presence of many misconceptions in the current medical world. In this process I also realized that there are many other desperate people in the world that are in my same situation, unable to find relief for their pain. Thus I came to a conclusion: I had to share my knowledge! And so this is it, my website, aiming to help other people, trying to put light in some dark areas of the medicine.

One part of the website hosts pages containing articles as much objective as possible, while more subjective articles can be found in the blog session, where I will share my own personal ideas. This article is part of the blog.

I hope to help as many people as possible and that you can find interesting my contents. You also have the opportunity to show your appreciation through a donation. Also, do not forget to share the pages of this website! This is why this website is born, to share! If you need to contact us, you can do it by filling the related form.

And do not forget, there is always a reason for everything!


5 thoughts on “Today is the day!

  1. Hi, where are you from? Have you consulted with Dr Amir in Putney, London UK? He’s known for orthotropics, especially aligning jaws and atlas bone, which helps improve spinal, hip, leg alignment. Check out www jawpain-tmjtreatment dot com


    1. Hi Z. I personally know Dr. Amir, even though he is not an orthotropist. He specialises in treating jaw misalignments and all the consequences that it has on the body. He is also popular for treating people with Multiple Sclerosis and improving their symptoms with treatments focused on the jaw.

      All my symptoms were exactly the one corresponding to the initial stage of MS and so I investigated and studied into the matter and I got my thesis on MS. So, not surprising for me to hear what he does.


  2. I”m so sorry you have endured this. I have been telling people its like MS, but not MS. They think I’m crazy. You are a love for writing this. My formerly beautiful healthy family of four were ALL subject to this destruction of our heads with Invisalign trays. We are so sick. Thank you for writing this. I have researched as you have. Being fascinated with all of it is how I did not lose my mind. I am still trying to find help, though. In Massachusetts. I”ve long thought, there should be a data base to collect the names of the practictioners who inflict bad occlussion on perfectly healthy people, like us, so that suits can be brought more effectively and so the creation of actual “standards of care” may be developed. I”ve found the way they avoid accountability is by not having any standards to violate. Such a big public health problem.


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