Long Time No See

The last time I posted on this website was 2018, 3 years ago. Many things happened since then and I received many messages from multiple people all around the world. Unfortunately my job keeps me busy during the entire day and answering to all the requests becomes really hard for me. Sorry if you did not hear back.

My articles have been cited on multiple blogs, websites and forums, in particular those on hair loss. This is really a source of pride. Many people were also wondering who I am and why I did not update this website in a long time. If you want to have a more direct contact with me, you can find me on Instagram @pelle.luca. I will then spend the rest of this article explaining why I was not so active on this website lately.

There are several reasons why I almost disappeared:

  • Every living creature does not like the pain, so do I. I went through huge pain, but now the worst is in the past. I live for the present to build my future, I do not live for my past. If I could do it, I would remove this negative experience from my life, but I cannot. So I just try to move away from it, although I still keep the positive things that I gained through this experience, like the resilience I built and the knowledge I gained for a healthier life. And I did my best to share my knowledge so that in the process I could also help other people in pain. But now it is time for me to move over.
  • This website is not my main job and it is far from being one. Every year, I need hundreds of dollars to keep this website running, for the hosting and the domain. I received some donations in the past (thanks to those who did, I cannot describe how much I appreciated your contributions) but those are far from allowing me to pay back expenses. I also hope you do realize that running a website, writing articles, studying new materials, replying to all inquiries takes time and a lot. So this would be an investment of money and time that at the moment I cannot afford given my job. After 4 years in London (UK) I am now working in New York (US), with sometimes more than 10 hours per day busy at work. I also invest a lot on myself, with training, studying, reading and I never forget to have time for myself and my body, to live a healthy life.
  • In this website you will find many articles on many different topics that are related to something that is really important to me: body health. However the most read articles are those on hair loss, which is something purely aesthetic, besides maybe the consequences that it can possibly have on mental health. So with this I realized that my priorities might not be fully aligned with those of the readers.

Many people also ask me what I did to solve my issues and I rarely reply to that question. The reason is that during the years I learnt that there is no better person that can understand our pain and problems than ourselves. We have the capacity to focus on our body and understand it, we have the ability to experiment with our body and feel the consequences to understand what really works for us. Every person is different and so is every body. There will never be a doctor that can understand your body better than you do. I am not a doctor and I am not yourselves, so I would suggest to be proactive and take control of your life with the help of experts that you fully trust. Your body is yours.

I hope one day to be able to contribute again to this website. There are many unknowns in the human body, thus there is always something new to learn. This is a continuos learning process and I always pay attention to new articles related to body health. I have so many things that I would like to share, but the lack of time is a killer.

I hope that in this crazy last year due to Covid, you could have focused a little bit more on building consciousness of your body and its health, because from that derives a happy and healthy life. If you want to contact me, feel free to do so, I will try my best to reply.


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